The Siyum Programs

What is Masmidei HaSiyum and how do I join it?
It's an opportunity for children to get enthused and excited with the Siyum HaShas approaching by being mesayeim something in their own learning. Over 30,000 children are involved in 11 countries! To have your yeshiva/day school sign up for the program, please contact the MasmideiHaSiyum office. Phone number: 347-201-0270. Email:
For information about the Masmidei HaSiyum program for Yiddish-speaking chadorim please contact Rabbi Eisenberger at 718-644-9935 or
What is Chavrei HaSiyum, and how do I join?
The Siyum HaShas is the greatest celebration of Torah in recent times. Tens of thousands of Daf Yomi learners celebrate their monumental accomplishment, of 2711 days - 7 ½ years of commitment, dedication, and perseverance.
But, learning the Daf doesn't work for everyone (for a myriad of reasons). As Chazal teach us, ain adam lomeid elah memakom shlibo chafetz - a person only learns what his heart desires.
Chavrei HaSiyum is designed to increase kviyas itim laTorah in a way that motivates, unites and empowers every kehillah and every individual through Torah learning. Have your kehillah join Chavrei HaSiyum and you and your community will make your own collective siyum at the Siyum HaShas!
We would be delighted to work with your shul/community to join this exciting project which promises to enhance both the Talmud Torah and achdus of the Jewish community. Please contact the Chavrei HaSiyum office for more information. Phone number:732-620-1100.
For information about the Chavrei HaSiyum program for Yiddish-speaking kehillos, please contact Rabbi Aharon Astrelitz at 917-627-9346 or
What is the Daf Yomi Chaburah program and how can I join?
In a Daf Yomi Chaburah the emphasis is on Chaburah, just as much as it's on Daf Yomi. The concept is to offer a stimulating shiur, while at the same time fostering a camaraderie between Chaburah members and their families. The impact of being part of a Chaburah can positively impact families for generations to come.
For more information contact Rabbi Yehuda Dewick at 848-525-9569 or at
Who do I contact about the Holocaust survivor program?
We will be offering exclusive complimentary seats to all Holocaust survivors who would like to join us at The Siyum.
Please contact Shana Feller at for more information to make your reservation.
How can I find out more information about the pre-Siyum Yarchei Kallah?
Contact Rabbi Avi Colman- or 732-228-4458. Click here for more information.

Seating Reservations/Group Seating

Who can sign up for a group code?
We are no longer assigning new group codes. If you would like to join an existing group, you can use that group code, but we cannot guarantee that any order placed at this time will be placed with the requested group.
How do I register my Daf Yomi shiur?
Fill out a shiur registration form here and email it to or call the Torah Projects department at 212-797-9000 extension 267.
I am a Maggid Shiur; how do I register for a complimentary seat?
Please fill out a Maggid Shiur return card here and send it to
How does a Rav register for a complimentary seat in the Rabbonim section?
Please contact Rabbi Pearl at 212-797-9000 extension 267.
How can I get more information about premium seating?
Contact Rochel Miller at 212-797-7399 or
How can I get more information about sitting in a suite at The Siyum?
Contact Rabbi Naftali Miller at 917-613-9455 or
Who can I contact about bringing a yeshiva/Bais Yaakov to The Siyum?
Contact Ami Bazov at or 212-797-9000 extension 321.
When will the tickets be sent out?
Tickets will be shipped out in the beginning of December via secure trackable mail. All ticket purchasers will be contacted via email with more information.
Is the stadium wheelchair accessible?
When choosing seats on our website, you can see which sections are wheelchair accessible. Please if you have any questions.
Do young children need a ticket?
According to the MetLife Stadium policy, anyone over 34 inches tall needs their own ticket in order to enter the stadium.
What is the $12 processing and shipping fee?
It is a shipping and handling fee per order. The tickets need to be sent by secure mail with tracking in order to ensure that everyone receives their order.
Can I pay for my order with a check?
Yes, please , or send in your order using a paper order form. You can get the order form emailed or mailed to you by calling the above number or emailing
What do I do if I ordered too many or too few seats?
All orders are final and cannot be changed. If you need more seats, you can place a new order and in the comments section you can add which order's seats you would like to have these seats placed next to. We cannot guarantee it, but we will do our best to honor such requests.
Who can I contact about seating for deaf/hearing-impaired guests?
Contact Rabbi Becker at 212-797-9000 extension 222.
Please use the group code DF-SKATZ-1904A to be seated together.
What age girls can sit in the men's section?
We encourage everyone to use their own judgment or ask their own posek when deciding this.

At The Siyum

What time is The Siyum starting?
Stadium doors will be opening at 11:00 a.m. The program will begin at 1:00 p.m. We anticipate the program ending between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.
Are strollers permitted in the stadium?
As per the MetLife Stadium policy, strollers are not allowed into the stadium.
Will there be food at The Siyum?
Kosher snacks will be available for sale. Details regarding what food may be brought into the stadium will be provided together with the admission tickets. $600 and $1,800 seatholders will be provided with hot food.
Is there parking available by the stadium?
There is parking by the stadium. MetLife Stadium has a mandatory charge for parking; parking revenue does not go to the Agudah. The parking charge is set by MetLife Stadium closer to the event. It is generally approximately $40 a car.
What are the closest airports to the stadium?
Newark International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport.
Is there any hadrachah as to whether Yeshiva talmidim should be coming to The Siyum?
The Siyum HaShas is the biggest maamad of Kavod HaTorah in recent history. R' Elya Brudny, Chaver Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah publicly said in the name of R' Dovid Feinstein, Chaver Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, that the kavod haTorah of The Siyum takes precedence over the issue of children and bochurim missing yeshiva in order to attend The Siyum. We encourage every person to seek hadrachah if they have any questions about attending. If your Yeshiva or Kollel has any further questions please contact Rabbi Ami Bazov at
Will there be screens inside the concourse?
The Siyum will be broadcast on screens all over the stadium, including inside the concourses.
What way will the speakers be facing?
In order to accommodate all members of the audience, parts of the program will alternate to face towards each side of the stadium.
Which way will the Rabbonim on the dais be facing?
The Rabbonim will be facing towards all sides of the stadium.
Will there be transportation provided to The Siyum?
Most hotels in the area of MetLife Stadium offer a shuttle to the Stadium. Please inquire when you make your hotel reservations.
For busing information, visit
Will I be able to enter the stadium as soon as I get there?
The stadium doors will open at 11:00 a.m. All people entering the stadium, and all vehicles entering the perimeter of the stadium, will be screened by police and other security services.


Who can I contact about press seating and media related questions:
Contact Ms. Leah Zagelbaum at 212-797-9000 extension 350 or email
I would like to arrange a hookup between my community's Siyum and the Siyum HaShas – how can I do that?
Contact Rabbi Bamberger at 212-797-9000 extension 266
How do I sign up for Yom Hashishi emails?
Sign up on the bottom of The Siyum webpage or email
Who do I contact if I need help with navigating the website?
You can email
How can I get updates about The Siyum?
On the bottom of The Siyum webpage you can sign up for updates through text, email, or WhatsApp.